Infrastructure Solutions

We provide the most cutting-edged Hardware and Software Provisions to suit your business needs

Nowadays, companies have realized that technology has become extremely prominent to all processes in the business, as it allows the business to not only become more efficient, but would also allow them to serve their customer better. To answer this, ERT has expand ourselves to become the hardware provisioner where we provide IT products from global brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, and many others. We understand that serving the most cutting-edge technology is no longer the suitable solution, but we need to allocate the correct hardwares that answer our customers' needs. With our service, we can explore and analyze your existing technology stack and determine the most appropriate provision that would be the best addition or replacement to your business.


ERT also provides an organizational level of procuring and installing software license services, which can be used on both on-premises and on-cloud. We have a variety of global IT brands products available for customers to choose from such as; Microsoft, Fortigate, Trend Micro, VMware, Adobe, and Bitdefender etc.


Our hardware and software provisions consist of:

  • PC desktop
  • Notebook
  • Server
  • Data storage tools
  • Peripheral tools (ex: printers, scanners, Network Devices, routers, switches, Firewall, VPN Gateway, Access points)
  • Communication Software (Microsoft Teams, Zoom)
  • Office Software (O365)
  • Cloud Software (Azure, AWS)


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